'Thursday High' Fashion Film Music Video.

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!
Have you checked YOHAN's new Fashion Film Music Video yet?
The release was a few weeks ago and it got featured exclusively on Billboard Brasil and Pop Online. Check out the features and the video below.


Olá Pessoal! Feliz Ano Novo!
Vocês já checaram o novo Fashion Film Music Video do YOHAN?
O lançamento foi a algumas semanas atrás exclusivamente pela Billboard Brasil and Pop Online. Dêem uma olha nos artigos e video abaixo.



Tag Heuer, Millennium Dance Complex, Ausländer.

Hello you all! How is it going?

In a week, it will mark 2 months in Brazil! It's been a great experience and journey so far, and I'm very excited for all the partnerships, projects and everything else coming my way.

Today I would like to share with you some fun times and exciting news.

Tag Heuer:
2 weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend Tag Heuer Brazil's event, for the launch of their tech oriented new watches named #DontCrackUnderPressure, think Apple Watch feat. Tag Heuer. The event was held at Casa Fares, a huge, beautiful and modern space right in the heart of Jardim Paulistano. Brazilian Judo athlete and olympic medal winner, Flavio Canto was the special guest and played some games while the presentation was on.

After a few drinks and some great chatting with the beauties Maria Preu (C&A) and Priscila Borgonovi (PBPR), we went downstairs for some good dancing and more fun!

Millennium Dance Complex:
Millennium is the biggest Dance Complex from Los Angeles. Their clients include Starts such as J.Lo, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez and more.
Since I arrived in Brazil I've been looking for choreographers, dancers and a studio to start practicing and creating the choreography for my first album (tone released ) #PopLife.
Guess what? I found Klaus Duarte, amazing choreographer and dancer who believed in my work and decided to have a meeting with me and his team. I finally met Paula Tomazella and Milo Levell head of the first Millennium Dance complex in Brasil. If you don't know, Milo was Michael Jackson's choreographer!
The big news is: They love and believe in my Music and Art, so we decided to seal a partnership where they will be creating the choreographies for #PopLife and in exchange I will be co-producing their amazingly talented artists! This is extremely exciting! 

Check out my first workshop with the kids and my very first session today with Klaus, creating moves for my first single #PopLife!

Ausländer Halloween Party:
To complete an amazing post, I should finish it with an amazing party! =)
I was invited to attend Ausländer's Halloween Party held at an amazing location called Nos Trilhos, an old and industrial neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Mocca. They party itself was ok but the looks were absurd and I had the PLEASURE to wear Walério Araújo, an amazing Brazilian designer who is a sweetheart and extremely talented! Alongside me, Andre Florindo and Paola Ludtke in the gang who were also in Walério. I also matched my look with Chernobyl Show's custom headpiece I was gifted back in L.A. Check it out below!

Guys, I hope you enjoyed all the news and had fun it. I will keep on posting the good news! If you like it don't forget to engage a bit with me by liking, commenting and sharing it!
You can also follow me on all the links below for everyday news! =)

Snapchat: officialYOHAN

Much LOVE, Catch you all soon,


Givenchy, Lelê Navarro, #PopLife.

Hi Everyone!

How you guys doing?
It's been about 5 weeks in Sao Paulo now and things keep getting better! 

Besides some amazing new collaborators, partnerships and deals I can't quite tell yet, there are still some good news and fun events I would like to report and share with you.

The past two weeks have been like this:

The other night I had the pleasure to attend the launch party of Givenchy's new perfume 'Gentlemen Only Absolute', held at millionaire Cris Arcangeli's mansion in the most traditional neighborhood Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo.
The party was pumping with good music by DJs, Cris Proença and Sarah Stenzel, amazing cocktails, a beautiful and well served buffet and of course, sexy Brazilian Celebs and Socialites, such as Wolf Maya,  Stella Jacintho and Amir Slama.

Lelê Navarro:
A few nights after Givenchy's superb event, I went on to attend Brazilian blogger and Socialite Lelê Navarro's website renewal party at Tea Connection in Jardins, Sao Paulo.
The event was very intimate. Lelê talked about her career and her passion for Fashion, most specifically for Men's Fashion, which is usually rare for a Woman. Good one Navarro! 
My dear friend and beauty guru, Andre Florindo was also there, giving a workshop about natural beauty and self confidence. To keep the party rolling, live music! =)

Photos: André Castellan (@castellanphotography)

A weeks ago, still in LA, I had the pleasure to work with an amazing team of professionals on some new photographic material for my first album #PopLife, which will be released this Summer (Brazilian Summer). The result you can see below after the credits.

ARTIST, YOHAN - www.officialyohan.com
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Michele Klpcz - http://tkabow.com
PHOTOGRAPHER, Daniel Lima - http://tkabow.com
ART DIRECTOR, Daniel Lima - http://tkabow.com
CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Virgins in Town - http://virginsintown.com
PRODUCER, Virgins in Town - http://virginsintown.com
STYLIST, Virgins in Town - http://virginsintown.com
MAKEUP & HAIR, Nick Metos - https://www.instagram.com/nickmetos_mua/
FASHION - Chernobyl Show, Ivan Bitton Style House

By the way, if you haven't listened to my single #PopLife yet, you can listen to it through my home page: www.officialyohan.com/music
By the way, you can watch the music video fro #PopLife here:

I hope you guys enjoyed the news. Have fun and a wonderful new week! =)


RG 15th Anniversary, Marcelu Ferraz Reception, Tô Ryca Pre Release.

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Brazil! =)

Yes, that's right! Today it marks 1 month I've been in this beautiful and fun country.
I will be here for a few months working on some new projects and of course my MUSIC!

Here is what I have been up to in case you missed something.:

RG 15th Anniversary Party at Love Story:
RG is a super hyped Brazilian website/blog that talks about a wide range of topics, including LifestyleCultureFashionArt and Music
Check out the full story and all the photos HERE.

Marcelu Ferraz Men's Reception Party:
Marcelu Ferraz started with Women's wear a few years ago and is now expanding his talent into Men's wear. The pieces are sporty but in a very modern and colorful way. I met Marcelo himself at the release of his new collection and fell in love with so much talent and looks! =) Check out some photos and the party reports HERE.

Tô Ryca Pre Release Screening:
Tô Ryca is a Brazilian comedy movie that talks about Selminha played by actress Samantha Schmutz, a girl from the Favela who is not happy or comfortable with her destiny of being poor. She suddenly becomes rich but to stay so she has to go through a test of spending a huge amount of money everyday during a whole month. 
I would really like all of you to find a way to find it with English subtitles. It's too much fun and really well produced! The pre release screening was held at Iguatemi Shopping last Tuesday, 13th. Check out all the celebs who attended HERE:

Guys, that's it for now. I hope I can keep sharing my Brazil with all of you.

I LOVE you all and thank you for the continuous support!




#PopLife Shooting, Art Shows and Beverly Hills.

Hey Guys,

How are you? I hope you had a good weekend.
My week was pretty fun and busy, just how I like it! 

Over last weekend through Monday, I was prepping for my amazing #PopLife shooting, which is basically some new photographs for my promotional material to be used by my booking agents and PR.

The actual shooting was on Tuesday, 9th, and I have to say, it was BEAUTIFUL!
My amazing friend Hank, Director and Editor of West Hollywood Magazine and WeHo Ville,  hooked me up with one of his friends who owns a Mansion in the Hollywood Hills, the location couldn't have been more #PopLife!

After an amazing shooting day, nothing could possibly have beat it, expect a full amazing week of fun!:

Thursday night, my beautiful friend Jacky invited me to the Basic Magazine Red Carpet Event held at Confidential Beverly Hills. The party was very 90's Beverly Hills style (look it up) and I made some new dear friends including Justin Howard and Charmaine Joie.

Friday night my birthday friend (once again) Hank, invited me to the opening of 'Round Hole Square Peg', an Art Show curated by the fascinating Phil Tarley, a fellow of the American Film Institute and an artist member of the Los Angeles Art Association, whom writes about contemporary artpop culture and photography for Fabrik Magazine.

Out of the photographers exhibiting, two caught my attention.:
Rob Lebow, who is actually a good friend of mine and shot me a few months ago in Palm Springs for his book 'GORGEROUS', featuring Armen Ra on the cover, and Josef Jasso, who I have never heard of before but definitely was winning the game, with some very colorful and bright pop art photographs featuring the one and only, Amanda Lepore.

Saturday night  I attended another Art Show my dear friend Aaron Rosenberg was photographed for.
The full collection of underwater photographs entitled 'California Mermaids', features naked models and friends, shot by Ukrainian artist, Alex Sher. His impactful and stunning pieces are spread throughout the entire Lurie Gallery.

To finish the week with a Golden Key after so much work and fun events, at night (still on Saturday) I went for drinks and a lot of Disco Music accompanied by some new friends and my bestie Lily at my favorite club in town, Giorgio's, at The Standard Hotel, hosted by the sweetheart, Bryan Rabin.

I hope you guys enjoyed the highlights of my week! There is so much great content including Art, Fashion, Photography and Music to discover in this post, so I really  hope you get inspired and have fun! =)



Performances at Le Bain, The Standard High Line & Soho House New York.

Hi Everyone!  

I hope you all have been enjoying the summer as much as I am (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere)! This week marked exactly 4 months I've been adventuring myself in the city of "Angels", Los Angeles. A lot has happened throughout this journey; I've had the pleasure to meet some amazing new creatives and humans; I've made new friends for life and I have been performing around and growing my fan base, it's been beautiful!  
As I always say, good relationships are everything! =)

Speaking of relationships, two weeks ago, I was invited by my dear friends and music family, N'Dea Davenport and Katsuya Everywhere, both from Celectrixx, to guest perform with them in the super hyped Soho House New York.

Needless to say, I was extremely happy and flattered, so with not much hesitation I accepted the invitation and 3 days later I was flying to my "Spirit City", New York City!

Monday afternoon, I arrived in the chaotic, dirty and noisy Manhattan.
At first, I confess, I was so over the whole thing, I thought I wasn't gonna get into the groove anymore (coming from LA, imagine). Tho next morning I woke up with so much drive and passion, but above all, the hunger to make it big in life, a feeling I've got within since a young age, that every now and then, gets its flames almost off but suddenly wakes up again never letting it die.

Tuesday afternoon, after getting my NYC energy back, I got a call  from the one and only, Susanne Bartsch, the Queen of Club Kids and NYC nightlife. Susanne invited me for a sudden guest performance at my favorite club in town, Le Bain at The Standard, High Line for her super successful party On Top! 
The Performance was fantastic! I sang my first single #PopLife in my 70's leather disco ball suit! The crowd, including friends, guests, fans and club kids were so welcoming and excited, I had a blast! Check Below:

Continuing my one week NYC trip, I took the chance to see a few dear friends, have great dinners and even hang out at Central Park and watch Wood Allen's new movie before my highly anticipated performance at Soho House. =)

Friday, after finally meeting up with my pals N'Dea and Katsuya, we made it to Soho House for our 2 hour sound check and rehearsal. The ballroom was cool and the sound system pretty dope! The engineers and staff were very helpful and understanding of our needs. Later on, after a whole day of sweat, hard work and preparation, I had only one last thing before showtime: Choosing the perfect look!

The Show took place around 1am. Celectrixx killed it with their amazing set! As soon as they were done, I was finally introduced to the public by N'Dea to play my single #PopLife
What an honor!
Post show, I got together with my good old friends who came to homage me and decided that drinks and some chatting in the rooftop would be just right!

NYC was amazing as always and I had a fantastic time while back there. I can now finally say, New York is really my city and I cannot wait to be back! 
I would like to give a shoutout to my boys Rify Royalty and RESH for taking care of me while my stay! And to everyone else that made this one week trip so special and memorable, thank you so much! =)

I hope you enjoy the post!
Have a great week everyone!


California Dreaming.

Hello Everyone! How have you been? 

It's been forever since I last posted. As you may know I've been in Los Angeles for almost 2 months now and sorting out life isn't easy in a foreign place.  

It's been a great experience so far. It kinda takes me back to last year when I was living in NYC, recording and producing my album '#PopLife' (to be released). Everything was new and fresh, tho this time around I'm more familiar with it as it's still America. 

My first 2 weeks was full on Angelino lifestyle: Hikes and runs at the Runyon Canon which is sadly closed now for maintenance; West Hollywood realness with all its beauty, healthy lifestyle vibes, sexiness and expensiveness (such as a $250 membership at Equinox); Hollywood glam nights at The Standard Hotel meeting David LaChapelle, Alan Cummings, Justin Tranter and more. 


In less than 2 weeks I had already met some amazing new people for life and reconnected with some old friends, making me feel at home more and more. 

One of the highlights so far has been our 24H Coachella experience. My dear friend Jacqueline Chambers invited me for a little private party hop around Palm Springs (where I wrote a new song!) filled with artists, celebs wannabes and actual celebs!

The drive was once again, full on (this time) Californian lifestyle: Convertible, loud music and sunshine! 

From pool parties to an exclusive shooting with Rob Lebow of 'GLAMOROUS' book project to the grand finale, Jeremy Scott's annual bash!


Basically life in L.A. has been great! :) I just moved Downtown, my place is getting tidy and I'm keeping up the hustle, in search of the best Manager, the best Record Label and the best Team to help my dreams come true! 

Stay tuned! 

Thank you for the constant support, I LOVE YOU ALL! :)


'Thursday High' Music Video Shooting.

Hello from California Dreaming Everyone! =)

I hope you are all doing good and having a great new week! 
I arrived in LA one week ago and I've been enjoying it quite a bit.
The SUN is fantastic!

I have so much to do and accomplish while in LA, the city is growing on me and I have been meeting some great people so I should be posting some good news very soon!

For now, let me talk a little about my latest Fashion Film Music Video I shot in Tokyo a few days before coming to the U.S. It's for my newest single 'Thursday High'.:
*You can get it here:

I had been producing my new music video for about a month and a half.
Besides all the hard work that production is, all went pretty well expect for a little drama I had, the Director decided to drop the project 1 week prior to the shooting (YES, 1 week!).
Luckily, I have great friends and people who believe in my Vision and Art that I can always count on, so in the end, everything worked pretty well! =)

This time I've had the pleasure to work/collaborate with even more loved ones!
From models to dancers, hair & makeup professionals to stylist, artists to designers. 
What a great team!

I'm not gonna give it all just yet, but I can tell you a bit about its concept.
First of all, I'm calling this a Fashion Film Music Video, so expect a lot of Fashion such as Anrealage, Mayuko Daimon and more.
I'm throwing some art statements, some very poppy elements and a lot of sexiness! =) 
There is a little bit for everyone, I promise! 

The story recreates in a metaphorical and artistic way, the night that inspired me to write 'Thursday High'. It also recreates in a surreal way, the dimension we go to when we get high on a Thursday night! =) It's filled with body and skin! =)

I really don't wanna talk too much about it so I will stop here. Below you can see some of the behind the scenes, and don't forget to check the mega team on board for this beautiful piece of art.

Enjoy everyone! =)



Joël Cruz


Virgins in Town

Virgins in Town

Abilio Hagihara

Kuwahara Hiroto

Yamamoto Hiroshi - bloc Japon

Dai Chichi

Natsumi Nakanishi

N'Dea Davenport, Melody Yoko, Fujiko Takasugi

Ediely Scapinello, Camilla Dias, Carolina Carvalho
Kenji Kureyama, Niels Deleyn, Bruno Koki

Kumi Washington

Kumi Washington, Komegu


'Thursday High' Single Release Party.

Hi Everyone!
How is it going? I hope you had a much better weekend than I did... =( 
I've got the flu, more specifically the dangerous one, Influenza... I already went to the Doctor and I'm taking the right medicines, so I should be back on track early next week! =)
Anyways, besides the flu, I have a much better news!

Last Thursday Night I held a party in collaboration with my dearest DJ Fujiko, who is the one behind every Thursday nights at #DJBarBridge.
The was was to celebrate the release of my newest single 'Thursday High', which is part of my first album expected to drop sometime this year.

At the party I played a special DJ set to get the crowd warmed up, and then performed 4 songs including my first single #PopLife, which you should have listened to by now! =)

The event was a success, so many people I had no idea were actually my fans plus all my lovely friends that were as excited as I was to be there cheering up and having fun. 
I would like to thank each one of you who came out last Thursday night and made me smile once again.

I love you all, 


David Bowie's Goodbye & Yumi Katsura Haute Couture Show

Hi Everyone! How is it all going?
It's almost February already and it went by so fast! So many great and sad things already happened...

I would like to start with a series of pictures and a tribute I posted on my Instagram in honor of our Hero who left us with a legacy of Art, Fashion, Culture and Music.



As an ‪#‎Artist‬ myself and big ‪#‎Bowie‬ fan, it's my obligation to write something meaningful and worth about our forever ‪#‎ZiggyStardust‬. ...I suddenly started receiving so many texts from friends saying "Bowie died!". Yesterday we lost a ‪#‎Genius‬
We lost a ‪#‎Visionaire‬ who always fought for his ‪#‎Dreams‬ and ‪#‎Goals‬. An Artist like no other who didn't need to die in order to become a ‪#‎Legend‬, the MAN was already IT.

Surprisingly, sadness wasn't the first emotion that took over my heart, somehow, perhaps unconsciously, my brain transformed the sad news into it gratitude. Yes, gratitude for having been blessed and still catch the #DavidBowie legacy. His ‪#‎Music‬, his ‪#‎Art‬, his ‪#‎Fashion‬. We were all lucky to have been living in this dimension alongside a great force. Some experienced more of HIM, some much less but still, we all have our own references and inspirations taken from this ‪#‎Rebel‬, we all have our own #Bowie within. 
I'm proud to have immortalized Bowie in my debut single and music video ‪#‎PopLife‬, I feel like I contributed on keeping up with his legacy throughout the next generations. http://bit.ly/poplifevideo

Bowie changed the way we see MEN with his glamorous and avant garde takes on fashion. HE revolutionized Rock and Pop Music by allowing new ideas, ‪#‎TheMANWhoSoldTheWorld‬ led up the way for the LGBT changing taboos and opening up for so many new generations that followed.
‪#‎Ziggy‬ revolutionized the Show Biz with his almost self destructive character, his Glass Spider and countless outrageous stage performances.

At last, to finish the cycle of a lifetime, our ‪#‎Hero‬ left us a big master piece. HE did it again! ‪#‎David‬ left us an autobiographical album with truthful lyrics, more musical experiments, cinematographic videos and a last goodbye from a tired yet accomplished ‪#‎BlackStar‬ or simply as in the silence of this moment, ★."

...Now, moving on to some happier news, I was invited to create the soundtrack for the legendary Yumi Katsura Haute Couture Show which will happen tomorrow January 25th, during Paris Fashion Week. If you are around, go check out the amazing collection they created in collaboration with designer Ji Haye and art director Felix Boukobza. 
Btw, besides some great new Music I found for this special curation, I also mixed 2 of my unreleased songs + #PopLife which you might already have heard.
If not, here are some links! =)

Have a great week everyone!
Thank you for the continuous support!


#Healing in #Hakone.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all kicked off 2016 beautifully and graciously!
I did and here is why!
I did a full day "#Healing in #Hakone" trip as I like to call it! =)

Every now and then we all need some Healing time right? 
I can't complain, my 2015 was a great year. I got to spend an amazing time in Brazil and Peru with my super mother, traveling around those 2 amazing and so culturally diverse countries. I spent 3 months in NYC, living my dream life, eating organic food 24/7, networking, performing and most importantly, recording and producing my first album #PopLife (out soon!). I shot 2 music videos back in Tokyo with a great team, did a bunch of shows, released my debut single and music video #PopLife, met amazing new people and I could go on and on... 
But, none of those came easily or without a big amount of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. 
I hassled my ass off in 2015 and by the end of it I was just extremely worn out! =(

Anyways, all is great again and I'm ready to kick some arses! 
Now, I would like to share with you my Hakone experience.

I hope you like it!

First stop, Hakone Open Air Museum.
Contemporary Art for everyone and a beautiful Picasso collection! =)

Hakone Ropeway had such a beautiful view of Mount Fuji and the Ashinoko Lake.
Best part of it, I got my own cable car! 

On my way to Moto Hakone by ship, cruising through the Ashinoko Lake.
Wind, Fresh Air and Peace.

And to end my #Healing in #Hakone trip, a chill end of afternoon Eating Japanese food, Praying at the Hakone Shrine and Loving some delicious desert and life.

'#PopLife' Music Video Release.

Hi Everyone! 

Today is such a special day for me! It's Sunday evening and I'm writing at home after 2 nights of LIVE SHOWS to support the release of my Single's Music Video #PopLife!

Here is a Teaser straight from my Facebook followed by the full video in the end of the post.


My Music Video for #PopLife is out! This is a teaser to MAKE you wanna watch it FULL HERE: http://bit.ly/poplifevideoAlso LIKE my page HERE: YOHANAh, and Please SHARE!

Posted by Yo Han on Saturday, December 19, 2015

On Friday night, I performed for Bloc Japon's end of year party where I released the the Music Video to public. It was a very energetic night full of excited fans jumping and dancing around with me! =)

On Saturday night, I kept the rhythm on at Trump Room for Tokyo Scramble's party. It was quite a fun night specially when the fans started singing #PopLife's hook with me! Damn it, what a thrill! 

Both Performances videos and photos will be up soon in a new post.



Creative Director - YOHAN
Art Director - Georgie Ichikawa
DOP - Fabian Parkes
Post Production - Frank Nitty
Stylist - Eri Soyama
Makeup - Paladini
Hair - Tomoya Shimizu
Nail Artist - NORI
Voguing - Kumi Washington

Christian Dada
John Lawrence Sullivan
H3O Showroom

Produced by Virgins in Town.
Special Thanks to Just Another Agency.

Thank you all for the love and support.
Please Watch, Like, Comment and don't forget to SHARE! =)


Kit and Ace & CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers LIVE.

Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a great week so far. :) I would like to share with you the highlights of my last week. It was pretty great so check it out!

Between great meetings and good times, on Wednesday, my sweetheart Tabasa Tabuchi invited me to attend Kit and Ace's Supper Club Dinner, #RealTalk. The guest list was curated by Tabasa herself and gathered some pretty well known faces among the Fashion world. 

The catering was absolutely delicious and nicely presented. Between each course we discussed questions given to each guest. The questions were complex and well elaborated,  which made us for once, completely turn off our iPhones, and talk, eat, drink and laugh. To end the beautiful and pleasant evening... A Gateau Au Chocolat! 


To keep up with Kit and Ace, on Friday, I got invited by my musician friend Tigarah, to attend CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers LIVE! And guess what?! ...VIP passes! Ha!

At the start, we were having fun and enjoying with the crowd, dancing and singing along to classics such as 'I Want Your Love' (my favorite!), 'Everybody Dance' and 'Lost in Music'.

After almost two hours of real good Music, the best was yet to come! We were invited onstage (actually onstage!) to wrap up the unbeliavlbe Show. Besides grooving with the Legend that has produced every Artist I look up to, and singing and harmonizing to 'Good Times' (as Nile played his guitar at me!), I finally took a break from the reality and dived into my own #PopLife, imagining, dreaming and visualizing that, the entire Show was all mine.


Check out below episode 5 of 'The #PopLife Show' dedicated only to this great Show! ;) 



This was my amazing last week guys! I hope it inspires some of you to keep up with your dreams and goals! :)

If you like this, PLEASE give some love by liking, commenting and sharing! 
Love to you all, 


#PopLife - Single Release LIVE.

On Friday, September 18th, I had the pleasure to finally release my Debut Single #PopLife. 
For this special event I partnered up with Bloc Japon and took the stage to celebrate the worldwide release of my Single and Bloc's 15th anniversary!

Official photos are up on Tokyo Dandy. You can also check more below.:


The party held at ARC Tokyo on September 18th, marked the worldwide release of YOHAN's debut Single #PopLife.The party...

Posted by YOHAN on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#MiuMiuAoyama Opening Show & After Party.

Mia Miu invited me to attend their Show and After Party in support of their new Flagship store in Tokyo, #MiuMiuAoyama. For this occasion, I got together with my hairdresser Yamamoto-san, Director of Bloc Japon and Japanese brand Anrealage. We came up with an awesome spicy look! Check the result below.:

My look for #miumiuaoyama last night! Thank you #bloc for the amazing #Hair and #Make and thank you #anrealage for the...

Posted by YOHAN on Friday, March 27, 2015

Last night at #miumiuaoyama #party wearing #anrealage #show pieces. #hair and #make by @bloc_japon 昨日の#miumiu パーティーで#アンリアラジ の#ショー ピースを着てます!^_^#ヘアメイク は、もちろん#bloc #YOHAN #PopLife #Music #Fashion #Art

Posted by YOHAN on Friday, March 27, 2015