Interview for Mega Brasil

Hello from California!
How are you all?!

It's been awhile since my last PRESS update, but here is some great news.:
In April, I gave an exclusive Interview for Mega Brasil, a Japanese media focused on all things Brazil. Yes, that's right! Mega Brasil basically brings Brazil to the eye of the Japanese, not only by showing culture, arts, music but also by updating Japanese people with news from and about Brazil.

The interview is a page story talking about my newest single 'Thursday High' and my life as a multimedia Artist in Music from beginning to now.
Unfortunately its all in Japanese, so you will have to use our dear friend Google Translate to get a glimpse of this amazing and well written interview by Massato Asso.

Click in the embed link below for the FULL Interview.
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LOVE you all and THANK you for all the support!




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