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'Pra Começar' - No Lustre.

YOHAN feat. Fotonovela - Pra Começar (Cover Marina Lima)
Cover of 'Pra Começar ' by Marina Lima, released in 1986. In this version, the song is reconstructed and gets some pop and synth wave references. The vocals by YOHAN added to the new arrangement welcome the listeners to hang out on a true 80s like dance floor: Neons, mirrors, squared flooring and sexy romantic climate in the air.

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#PopLife Music Video - MSN.

YOHAN's Music Video #PopLife got released in Brazil through MSN and Lilian Pacce.
Check it out through the link below.:

Interview - Heloisa Tolipan.

YOHAN was recently interviewed by Rodrigo Cohen from Heloisa Tolipan.
In the Interview YOHAN talks about his new single 'Rio' and his message to the world.

Check it out below:

Feature - No Lustre

YOHAN got featured and released his new music video 'Thursday High' on No Lustre, a Rio de Janeiro based website. Check it out below.:


Feature - Veja São Paulo

YOHAN got featured on Veja São Paulo, one of Brazil's most important and respected publications. Check out below the magazine spread and a link for the online version:


Thursday High Music Video - Billboard Brasil