'Thursday High' Music Video Shooting.

Hello from California Dreaming Everyone! =)

I hope you are all doing good and having a great new week! 
I arrived in LA one week ago and I've been enjoying it quite a bit.
The SUN is fantastic!

I have so much to do and accomplish while in LA, the city is growing on me and I have been meeting some great people so I should be posting some good news very soon!

For now, let me talk a little about my latest Fashion Film Music Video I shot in Tokyo a few days before coming to the U.S. It's for my newest single 'Thursday High'.:
*You can get it here:

I had been producing my new music video for about a month and a half.
Besides all the hard work that production is, all went pretty well expect for a little drama I had, the Director decided to drop the project 1 week prior to the shooting (YES, 1 week!).
Luckily, I have great friends and people who believe in my Vision and Art that I can always count on, so in the end, everything worked pretty well! =)

This time I've had the pleasure to work/collaborate with even more loved ones!
From models to dancers, hair & makeup professionals to stylist, artists to designers. 
What a great team!

I'm not gonna give it all just yet, but I can tell you a bit about its concept.
First of all, I'm calling this a Fashion Film Music Video, so expect a lot of Fashion such as Anrealage, Mayuko Daimon and more.
I'm throwing some art statements, some very poppy elements and a lot of sexiness! =) 
There is a little bit for everyone, I promise! 

The story recreates in a metaphorical and artistic way, the night that inspired me to write 'Thursday High'. It also recreates in a surreal way, the dimension we go to when we get high on a Thursday night! =) It's filled with body and skin! =)

I really don't wanna talk too much about it so I will stop here. Below you can see some of the behind the scenes, and don't forget to check the mega team on board for this beautiful piece of art.

Enjoy everyone! =)



Joël Cruz


Virgins in Town 

Virgins in Town

Abilio Hagihara

Kuwahara Hiroto!makeup/c1vtf 

Yamamoto Hiroshi - bloc Japon

Dai Chichi

Natsumi Nakanishi

N'Dea Davenport, Melody Yoko, Fujiko Takasugi

Ediely Scapinello, Camilla Dias, Carolina Carvalho
Kenji Kureyama, Niels Deleyn, Bruno Koki

Kumi Washington

Kumi Washington, Komegu


#MiuMiuAoyama Opening Show & After Party.

Mia Miu invited me to attend their Show and After Party in support of their new Flagship store in Tokyo, #MiuMiuAoyama. For this occasion, I got together with my hairdresser Yamamoto-san, Director of Bloc Japon and Japanese brand Anrealage. We came up with an awesome spicy look! Check the result below.:

My look for #miumiuaoyama last night! Thank you #bloc for the amazing #Hair and #Make and thank you #anrealage for the...

Posted by YOHAN on Friday, March 27, 2015

Last night at #miumiuaoyama #party wearing #anrealage #show pieces. #hair and #make by @bloc_japon 昨日の#miumiu パーティーで#アンリアラジ の#ショー ピースを着てます!^_^#ヘアメイク は、もちろん#bloc #YOHAN #PopLife #Music #Fashion #Art

Posted by YOHAN on Friday, March 27, 2015