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'#PopLife' Music Video Release.

Hi Everyone! 

Today is such a special day for me! It's Sunday evening and I'm writing at home after 2 nights of LIVE SHOWS to support the release of my Single's Music Video #PopLife!

Here is a Teaser straight from my Facebook followed by the full video in the end of the post.


My Music Video for #PopLife is out! This is a teaser to MAKE you wanna watch it FULL HERE: LIKE my page HERE: YOHANAh, and Please SHARE!

Posted by Yo Han on Saturday, December 19, 2015

On Friday night, I performed for Bloc Japon's end of year party where I released the the Music Video to public. It was a very energetic night full of excited fans jumping and dancing around with me! =)

On Saturday night, I kept the rhythm on at Trump Room for Tokyo Scramble's party. It was quite a fun night specially when the fans started singing #PopLife's hook with me! Damn it, what a thrill! 

Both Performances videos and photos will be up soon in a new post.



Creative Director - YOHAN
Art Director - Georgie Ichikawa
DOP - Fabian Parkes
Post Production - Frank Nitty
Stylist - Eri Soyama
Makeup - Paladini
Hair - Tomoya Shimizu
Nail Artist - NORI
Voguing - Kumi Washington

Christian Dada
John Lawrence Sullivan
H3O Showroom

Produced by Virgins in Town.
Special Thanks to Just Another Agency.

Thank you all for the love and support.
Please Watch, Like, Comment and don't forget to SHARE! =)


#MiuMiuAoyama Opening Show & After Party.

Mia Miu invited me to attend their Show and After Party in support of their new Flagship store in Tokyo, #MiuMiuAoyama. For this occasion, I got together with my hairdresser Yamamoto-san, Director of Bloc Japon and Japanese brand Anrealage. We came up with an awesome spicy look! Check the result below.:

My look for #miumiuaoyama last night! Thank you #bloc for the amazing #Hair and #Make and thank you #anrealage for the...

Posted by YOHAN on Friday, March 27, 2015

Last night at #miumiuaoyama #party wearing #anrealage #show pieces. #hair and #make by @bloc_japon 昨日の#miumiu パーティーで#アンリアラジ の#ショー ピースを着てます!^_^#ヘアメイク は、もちろん#bloc #YOHAN #PopLife #Music #Fashion #Art

Posted by YOHAN on Friday, March 27, 2015