#PopLife Shooting, Art Shows and Beverly Hills.

Hey Guys,

How are you? I hope you had a good weekend.
My week was pretty fun and busy, just how I like it! 

Over last weekend through Monday, I was prepping for my amazing #PopLife shooting, which is basically some new photographs for my promotional material to be used by my booking agents and PR.

The actual shooting was on Tuesday, 9th, and I have to say, it was BEAUTIFUL!
My amazing friend Hank, Director and Editor of West Hollywood Magazine and WeHo Ville,  hooked me up with one of his friends who owns a Mansion in the Hollywood Hills, the location couldn't have been more #PopLife!

After an amazing shooting day, nothing could possibly have beat it, expect a full amazing week of fun!:

Thursday night, my beautiful friend Jacky invited me to the Basic Magazine Red Carpet Event held at Confidential Beverly Hills. The party was very 90's Beverly Hills style (look it up) and I made some new dear friends including Justin Howard and Charmaine Joie.

Friday night my birthday friend (once again) Hank, invited me to the opening of 'Round Hole Square Peg', an Art Show curated by the fascinating Phil Tarley, a fellow of the American Film Institute and an artist member of the Los Angeles Art Association, whom writes about contemporary artpop culture and photography for Fabrik Magazine.

Out of the photographers exhibiting, two caught my attention.:
Rob Lebow, who is actually a good friend of mine and shot me a few months ago in Palm Springs for his book 'GORGEROUS', featuring Armen Ra on the cover, and Josef Jasso, who I have never heard of before but definitely was winning the game, with some very colorful and bright pop art photographs featuring the one and only, Amanda Lepore.

Saturday night  I attended another Art Show my dear friend Aaron Rosenberg was photographed for.
The full collection of underwater photographs entitled 'California Mermaids', features naked models and friends, shot by Ukrainian artist, Alex Sher. His impactful and stunning pieces are spread throughout the entire Lurie Gallery.

To finish the week with a Golden Key after so much work and fun events, at night (still on Saturday) I went for drinks and a lot of Disco Music accompanied by some new friends and my bestie Lily at my favorite club in town, Giorgio's, at The Standard Hotel, hosted by the sweetheart, Bryan Rabin.

I hope you guys enjoyed the highlights of my week! There is so much great content including Art, Fashion, Photography and Music to discover in this post, so I really  hope you get inspired and have fun! =)



California Dreaming.

Hello Everyone! How have you been? 

It's been forever since I last posted. As you may know I've been in Los Angeles for almost 2 months now and sorting out life isn't easy in a foreign place.  

It's been a great experience so far. It kinda takes me back to last year when I was living in NYC, recording and producing my album '#PopLife' (to be released). Everything was new and fresh, tho this time around I'm more familiar with it as it's still America. 

My first 2 weeks was full on Angelino lifestyle: Hikes and runs at the Runyon Canon which is sadly closed now for maintenance; West Hollywood realness with all its beauty, healthy lifestyle vibes, sexiness and expensiveness (such as a $250 membership at Equinox); Hollywood glam nights at The Standard Hotel meeting David LaChapelle, Alan Cummings, Justin Tranter and more. 


In less than 2 weeks I had already met some amazing new people for life and reconnected with some old friends, making me feel at home more and more. 

One of the highlights so far has been our 24H Coachella experience. My dear friend Jacqueline Chambers invited me for a little private party hop around Palm Springs (where I wrote a new song!) filled with artists, celebs wannabes and actual celebs!

The drive was once again, full on (this time) Californian lifestyle: Convertible, loud music and sunshine! 

From pool parties to an exclusive shooting with Rob Lebow of 'GLAMOROUS' book project to the grand finale, Jeremy Scott's annual bash!


Basically life in L.A. has been great! :) I just moved Downtown, my place is getting tidy and I'm keeping up the hustle, in search of the best Manager, the best Record Label and the best Team to help my dreams come true! 

Stay tuned! 

Thank you for the constant support, I LOVE YOU ALL! :)